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Hi, and welcome to my website!


I am a medical anthropologist, affiliated at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and working on various reproductive health issues. From a very young age, I decided that, one day, I'd go out into the world to see what life in various cultural settings is about. This website offers an overview of the journey I’ve made so far  of the things I have learnt in the Cameroonian rainforest and in the Romanian mountains; of the texts I have been writing about the inhabitants of these areas and their lifeworlds; and of the stories I have been telling my students in the Netherlands and abroad.

Would you like to have more information about my research projects, teaching sessions, or media appearances? Or would you like to explore the possibility of involving me - as a consultant - in your own educational programme or research project? Then feel free to contact me directly
(in Dutch, English, Romanian, or French) here.

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